When I was little, my dreams took me far away to discover new oceans and remote places. With my binoculars in one hand, my flashlight in the other, some strawberries as dynamites in my back bag, I got all the useful tools to walk around and explore the world.

My bed turned into a pirate boat, the bathtub was a shortcut to reach the sea, the swing looked like a suspension bridge, the garden became an unlimited paradise for my imagination. I was eager to travel, to meet people and I did hope that my life would offer me the freedom to make this dream come true.

At the age of six, with sparking eyes and with messy hair, the search for my identity had begun…BOCHIALKI or encounters on the way, also carries in it this quest of self-discovery.

In addition, Bochialki is also the mean to bring together my creative side (my hobby for photography and my attempts to do videos) with a topic that has become more and more important in my daily life: climate change.


These last four years, I got the opportunity to be part of a research team analyzing economic impacts of climate change policies. Like a sponge, this professional universe allowed me to absorb knowledge, to get closer to a worldwide and broad challenge and to understand its complexity because of its diverse impacts and universality.


I started 2017 in Buenos Aires in an unknown city having every intention of being more courageous, trying out new things and learning more about myself and for what I stand for.


The year before I quit my job at a large corporation where I worked three and a half years as a project manager in marketing to start a volunteer job in Cochabamba, Bolivia. A first step outside my comfort zone, I thought.


Before immerging into the unknown I wanted to revive my rusty Spanish so I went to language school. Here is where my path crossed with Marion and Bochialki. She stood out with her curly hair and open attitude and I thought: That woman for sure has an interesting story. And it turned out to be true! Not long after we decided to work together and do a short video about the foundation I volunteered for in Bolivia called Fundare.


I was impressed by the project BOCHIALKI and Marion’s intention to combine her two passions: photography and climate change. Although I didn’t have much knowledge in either, I offered my marketing skills and time to support her. Since then, not only have I learned a lot about climate change issues, I also have met inspirational and amazing people that helped me see clearer in a lot of ways. Sometimes I cannot grasp the luck I am having this year – travelling, interviewing experts, working for a project I truly believe in and doing it all with a great personality like Marion.