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These organisations support BOCHIALKI’s adventure:

School of reinvention, the Institute for Desirable Futures (Ifs) provides people with insights for interpreting the present and creative tools to help them contribute to building the world of tomorrow. Through workshops, public actions, training, conferences and events, the Ifs offers an overview of thoughts, experimentations and creation to allow people to find necessary tools to invent this new world.

Through its editorial actions (such as the Impact Journalism Day), its support for the positive transformation of companies, Sparknews promotes a momentum for renewal. Sparknews supports willingness of economic actors who want to change their behaviours and way of action to build a better world. A simple objective: amplifying positive-impact initiatives and give back the urge to act.

BOCHIALKI in the media

The Swiss blog wrote an article about our project: How do we tackle climate change? These people are leading the way’ (in German).

The Swiss foundation ‘Lilienberg’ for entrepreneurs gave us the opportunity to present BOCHIALKI in their blog. We hope you enjoy our article  “A journey back to our roots” (in German).

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