BOCHIALKI or Encounters on the way is a video and photo project about the connection between man and Nature and how climate change is impacting this relationship.


The project aims at exploring new perspectives, to challenge our own perceptions and to offer news ways to think about the impacts of climate change and our responsibility towards nature.


To achieve this goal, BOCHIALKI explores stories of individuals, organisations, and initiatives, which are working independently or together for a more sustainable future. BOCHIALKI goes beyond our comfort zone to know more about what others are doing, to widen our horizons, to find inspiration and to re-evaluate our way of thinking and being.


BOCHIALKI also includes a blog called «Thoughts on the way» which gives you further information about «Encounters on the way», tells you about our travel experiences and keeps you posted about the project and its outcomes.

At The Roots

The name BOCHIALKI is built from the first syllable of each country/province that is part of the journey: Bolivia, Chile, Alberta and Kyrgyzstan.


Due to a medical condition, the journey to Alberta unfortunately had to be aborted. However, my recuperation in France allowed me to explore a variety of initiatives in my motherland and to expand my journey on its roads.

During my travels in South America I met Desirée. We worked together on the video about the organisation Fundare in Bolivia. We got along so well that we travelled together to Kyrgyzstan. After our return we realised that we both were not done yet with BOCHIALKI. So why not take the adventure further east? We came up with Indonesia and added it to the journey of BOCHIALKI.