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October 20, 2017


Where Everything Started

In Bolivia, I met Desirée. We were in the same language school and we realised that both of us were staying in Cochabamba for some time. Never could I have foreseen that nine months after, we would be working together on Bochialki or the meetings on the way.


All started when I was looking for Bolivian organisations or individuals who work for a more sustainable future and raise the awareness on environmental subjects like protection of the nature, waste management and recycling, climate change adaptation etc.


One evening while we were with friends, Desirée told me that she chose to work with her host dad at FUNDARE, a foundation for the promotion of recycling. She added that it could be interesting for me to portray the foundation and their activities and that she would be happy to introduce me. A few weeks later, I begun following them for three weeks and we worked together on the video presenting FUNDARE.


In April, I passed the Chilean border and Desirée’s path brought her to Peru. The story could have ended there with a nice outcome: a new friendship. But life always surprises us and, we met again to travel together in Kyrgyzstan for Bochialki.


People often say, working with friends is challenging and the situation could take a bad turn. My response to that: ‘For sure it is challenging and we have only just started working together, but welcoming Desirée to the team was totally worth it! She brings a new set of eyes, offers fresh ideas to develop the project, commits herself 600% and provides precious skills for the project: marketing, communication. If you want to learn more about her, check out “About”. 





A Bigger Team for Bigger Dreams

Enhancing the team allowed us to think bigger and to strengthen the faith we have in Bochialki. The first decision we took was to expand the journey of Bochialki. Instead of ending it after Kyrgyzstan, we will travel around the islands of Indonesia to learn more about deforestation and the rise of the water level of the ocean.


Secondly, we decided to have a bilingual website: French and English. Today, we are glad to present to you the new website with changes made to increase the understanding of the project and to clearly show the output of the journeys in Bolivia, Chile, France, and Kyrgyzstan. During the next few months these sections are going to be filled with new videos and articles about our meetings and stories we had the chance to document. We will keep you posted!

Having a bilingual website also means that we want to offer French and English subtitles for every video. Within Youtube you can switch on or off subtitles here:

So far we have implemented English subtitles to the video explaining Bochialki and we will subsequently add more to the rest of the videos.


Be Proud, Be Sweet, Send a Postcard

While we were in a car traveling through the centre region of Kyrgyzstan, Desirée told me that we needed something tangible to give to people we meet for or talk about the project. Our first thought was business cards. But it was a classic. Then, Desirée came up with the idea of postcards: “We should be proud of Bochialki and its values. So let’s show it”. I liked the idea of offering a postcard with a photo taken during our travels with a little text about where the picture has been taken and the story behind it. Plus, it is a sweet excuse to write kind words to people you love and send them thoughts.


We have chosen the first pictures and printed them on recycled paper. They arrived a few days ago.


We do hope you will like the postcards and share them with your loved ones.


With love,

Desirée and Marion

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