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BOCHIALKI turns one!

January 4, 2018


1 Year

5 Countries

14 Videos

17 Organisations

40 Hours of video material

57 People interviewed


Uncountable mosquito bites


BOCHIALKI is a vessel flying by the mercy of winds towards unknown horizons but with the serenity of the captain, trusting the wind and bluish furrows, even if the track still seems uncertain.


BOCHIALKI is the urge to meet people, to talk to them, to get to know their stories and their experiences. From this beautiful melting pot a small seed will be planted and will grow at its own pace in the inner garden.


BOCHIALKI is a gathering of life stories from inspiring men and women who offer us a trigger to move forward and chose the first exit on the freeway to reach countryside roads, to build our own path without the fear inside of us questioning our decisions. Just believe in the world of possibilities…


A year in one’s life, it seems so short…


Thank you for these encounters on the way, thank you to remind me of the fact that there are no small actions, because together we colour grey and dull walls.

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