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Frederika and The First Communities

November 17, 2017


Last Christmas my sister offered me “Sagesse d’ailleurs pour vivre autrement” of Frederika Van Ingen. She told me “Read it. I guess it is quite similar to what you are looking for with Bochialki”. Two days before leaving for Bolivia, I received it by mail. I was very happy to discover it at last, but I realized that due to his large size, the dream to take it with me was not possible.


Months passed by. When I was back in France, I started to read it with the unacknowledged hope to find some answers after my return. It is difficult to describe  the experience of reading this book. But Frederika’s writing and the shared stories were as healing as the sweet lullabies we sing to children to ease their fears or their sadnesses.


The book shows us different point of views of the world and of our bound to Nature while delivering some universal and simple messages.


The wish to meet Frederika and to learn more about the first communities made me travel to the South of France, on a Monday in October.


Rethink Our Vision of the World

For Frederika, the willingness to write this book was motivated by the wish to gather different visions and presenting their common base.


“By meeting the first communities, we will certainly rethink our vision of the world,

our values and even, our path of life.”


Through the eleven meetings she had, Frederika brings us on an inner journey to make us review our relationship with ourselves, others and Nature. Each of these stories have the same starting point, a heartrending moment which made them “becoming children again and put them in a vulnerable position in which they agreed to be introduced to a complete different vision of the world and to forgot what they have learned since” Frederika said.


Discover Your Inner Self, Find Your Place and Create a Well-Balanced Relationship With Mother Earth

According to Frederika, the first communities have their own posture towards the world based on a common understanding that “everything is connected”. When a human being arrives on Earth, it means he has a place here. So, he will be welcomed as he is. He will be guided in its inner quest to explore his feelings and find his place in the community and then, with Nature. Every community has its own way of doing this exploration, its own rituals.


For all these communities, working on themselves, understanding their emotions and their feelings is necessary to have a peaceful and respectful relationship with other humans and Nature. Knowing who you are and what values you stand for is therefore a condition to be able to lead a peaceful life in the world.


We are Nature. Nature is Inside Us.

According to the first communities, Nature is inside us. They live in a natural environment and are linked to it with all senses. When we are in Nature and there is no interfering element, our bound to Nature is changing. Frederika told us “we start to truly listen, look, smell, taste a different way of feeling time... we find again an inner peace and an ability to welcome what is happening“. Thus, by allowing ourselves to be connected to our surroundings, we can ask ourselves what we  feel deep inside of us, and discover that inside of us there is an inner universe which is the reflection of the outside world. This introspection offers us a new perspective to connect to Nature and allows us to feel part of this big Whole, inside which everything is connected.


Rediscovering Humbleness

Several times Frederika mentioned humbleness. For her “without Mother Earth we are nothing. We believe that we will be able to survive without Her. It is a power-hungry dream which,reveals the feeling of omnipotence that humans cultivate when they have not yet had the experience of humbleness which will give  them the opportunity to shape a direct link to Nature”.



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