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Spirituality and Ecology: Two sides of the same coin?

January 31, 2018


A small mountain road undulating under tall pine trees, an old Charterhouse turned into an Institute of Mindfulness and of Dharma, a heaven of peace, harmoniously, melted into a majestic forest.


You have just arrived at the Institute Karma Ling, domain of Avalon, Savoie.


A song of birds sets the tone, the beautiful and impressive gateway opens onto a universe in which the tumult of hyper-connectivity, the intensity of a life dictated by work, stress and anxiety, disappear to offer you a new dimension of time and a new connection with what lives inside of you.


Come in. Don’t be shy.


The coolness of the walls gives you a feeling of safety, the Zen garden and its thousand-year old dragon greet you discreetly. Go ahead, up the stairs, let’s meet at the bottom of the Stupa with its colorful flags, symbolism of prayers, the keeper of the place.


There, sit on a bench within this verdant garden, listen to the water, face the mountain. Let yourself get carried away by this feeling of fulfillment. Take your shoes off, get rid of your socks, let your feet shiver at the first touch of the still fresh soil from the dew.


You are ready. Close your eyes, let it go, connect with your Mother Earth. Only one question remains: What is your connection with Nature? Could Spirituality (whatever it is) help you to reconnect with Nature?


The light of “start” button is on, the story begins…







P.S.: At the end of 2017, a terrible fire destroyed the magnificent old Charterhouse of Saint-Hugon, wiping out the activity centre of the Institute Karma Ling but also thousands of educational texts, prayers, masterpieces of photography, painting, literature, statues, mandalas, frescoes…


Despite of this event, the Community of Karma Ling demonstrates a tremendous strength to start over, to rebuild the site and reopen the doors. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we wish to the Community of Karma Ling a beautiful metamorphosis. The force that leads you, the values that you convey, all of these carry into them a driving power and an inspiring motivation that touches the heart.


If you want to help them, here is the link for a donation or offering of your help.







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