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A crowdfunding for a dream

June 17, 2018


It all started with the stories of women and men who we have encountered on our path in Bolivia, Chile, France, Kyrgyzstan and Indonesia. With them our belief grew that we should share these stories. Their way of living and their philosophy impacted our lives in such a profound way that we had no more doubt about sharing this experience with others and so, with you.


This time, we don’t want to do it through online channels. We want to meet you. We want to discuss with you. We want to let you fall in love with these women and men and their stories. We want to make you rethink your own relationship with Nature and to stop taking Her for granted. We want you to feel inspired.


To reach this goal, we thought about hosting an interactive exhibition with circles of discussions and workshops. We dream of an exhibition in four parts that will combine:


  • Pictures and videos,

  • Discussions with these amazing people we have met and who will come to share their stories with you,

  • Workshops to learn how to make the first, second or hundredth step towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle and

  • A collaborative creation called “The Tree”


Our objective is an opening exhibition in Paris in October-November 2018. We would love to reproduce it in other cities in France and Switzerland afterwards.


But for this dream to come true, we need your help. After one year and half of being self-funded, we need your support. That’s why we have launched a crowdfunding campaign.


Can you help us with this new adventure? From talking about the project with your friends, to sharing it with your network or giving us financial support, there are lots of possibilities!


You’ll find more information about the exhibition on our project page on Ulule.


See you there and be prepared to travel into the BOCHIALKI word during fall 2018!


We can’t wait to meet you!


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