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Floating Paradise or a Place to Reconnect with Nature

December 18, 2018


A place floating on the ocean

Surrounded by blue and green

Fish are the only neighbours to this little paradise



We make our way on our rented bicycles through the thick green of the jungle, up and down the hills, surrounded by buzzing mosquitos. The others with their motorbikes pass us laughing. The locals look at us with a smile on their face: crazy tourists! But it is worth the effort. After a 40 minutes ride, we are here: Floating Paradise.


A little guesthouse built on the island Karimunjawa, in Indonesia by the hands of its owners Astrid and Tono. Every detail has been well thought through. From the pictures hanging on the bathroom walls, to the cosy common area and the two simply furnished rooms. Simplicity, humility and respect for Nature are the right words to describe this oasis. Disconnected from civilisation (with no internet) it is the perfect place to reconnect with Nature and oneself.





We were lucky to experience Floating Paradise. We found a place in between. A spot where stress doesn’t belong and, to use the words of Tono, where you can create a space between yourself and your problems and burdens.  




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