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As one door closes, another one opens

March 18, 2018


Once a day I get my warm coat and put on my shoes to take a walk.

I step outside the door and walk right into the forest. Here I can relax, listen to the birds and just be.

I close my eyes and think of the wonderful 10 months of travelling that lie behind us.

I see the beautiful faces of the people we met and who shared their stories with us.

I am grateful. Grateful for this experience. Grateful for starting this new chapter in my life.

I joined Marion in her quest to ask questions about our own relationship towards Nature and to leave our comfort zone to see what is beyond.

I have learned a lot about our connection with Nature, climate change, what others are doing to act and the courage they have, which seems to come so natural to them. I have also learned a great deal about myself and what I want in life.



I take a deep breath and look around myself. Nature. Isn’t she beautiful?

We have seen wide plains, snowy high mountain peaks, dry deserts, tropical forest and dreamlike beaches. Our journey was more diverse than I ever could have imagined. But it has come to the end.

However, this is not the last chapter of BOCHIALKIi. There are many more to come...



Now, we start a phase of editing, writing, posting and communicating about the project. There is a lot of material waiting to be published, a lot of knowledge to be shared and we are eager to do so. Furthermore, we want to show you the outcomes of BOCHIALKI not only through our online channels but also in person. We dream of an exhibition in Paris (and Switzerland) to share the stories of the people we met and to start a discussion. We want it to be an interactive event through which you are able to participate. If everything goes as planned, there will be a panel discussion and workshops. The topics of the workshops will be related to the question: “How can everyone in his/her daily life live more sustainably?”- for example, by producing less waste, planting your own vegetables and so on.


You might ask yourself: “How are they going to finance all this?” Well, that is a good question and one, we are working on. We are thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign...but you will be sure to hear more about that later on.



‘As one door closes, another one opens.’ This is just how I feel right now.

It was hard to put my backpack in the storage room knowing it won’t see the light of day for some time. Meanwhile, I am excited about the future and what it will bring. It might be uncertain and unknown, but I know this for sure: As long as we keep an open heart and do whatever we want to do with passion, something good will come out of it!

And we already know that with BOCHIALKI, the unexpected always twists our feelings, but for the better.



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